Trening dvovisinske ruče

Trening dvovisinske ruče


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Fig dimenzion Width : stepless adjustable from 100 cm to 180 cm measured diagonally, with clear markings each 5 cm. High rail : height adjustable from 205 cm to 250 cm with 5 cm increments. Low rail : height adjustable from 135 cm to 180 cm with 5 cm increments. Rails : fibreglass core, birch laminated wood, with epoxy-coated cast alloy ends. Tension system : 6 steel cables, 6 steel 7 mm chains, 4 clamp rings, 6 tension swivels and D-shackles, fast tension releasers included. Uprights : heavy-duty epoxy-coated steel precision tube. Inner tubes : nickel-plated steel precision tube. Feet : heavy-duty epoxy-coated steel with floor protectors and integrated transport rolls. Rail holders : cast steel alloy. Space occupation : 2.53 x 1.71 metres (excluding landing mats and tension system).



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