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COMPETITION ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS FLOOR ‘APOLLO DIAGONAL ’ Ref. 1790391 FIG certifi ed This top competition floor of 14x14 m is FIG certified. The floor is the same as our competition free exercise floor ’Apollo Diagonal’. The 100 cm wide safety zone on all 4 sides slopes down from competition height to ground level and is made of wood. Thanks to the homogeneous properties of the entire dynamic area in combination with the covering foam carpet composition, this floor offers excellent properties for both training and top competition. This Top Competition Floor of 14x14 m with standard fl

Aerobic floor9

TOP COMPETITION AEROBIC GYMNASTICS FLOOR Ref. 1790555 FIG certifi ed The most recent addition to the new generation equipment developed by the Janssen- Fritsen product development team is the Aerobics floor JF SquareFlex • The JF SquareFlex floor is FIG Certified • The floor has been designed using the same technology as the well known Apollo diagonal floor. • 64 Basic floor elements 7,5 cm high with a length and width of 150 x 150 cm • 172 Polypropelene connectors linking the plates without any noticable joints • 4 tightening straps to keep the floor together and homogenious • A f

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Training a group of gymnasts means working many hours per week on a variety of different elements as gymnasts have different ages, abilities and requirements. Equipping your hall with apparatus specially designed for training seems therefore a logical measure. The versatile training equipment offered by Janssen • Fritsen has been developed with world-renowned coaches and is continuously being tested in the daily practice of training halls worldwide. Adaptations are being made frequently to improve every aspect of this equipment and to make it the best range of training apparatus available. T