Remen za asistenciju

Remen za asistenciju


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Gimnastički remen za asistenciju Training a group of gymnasts means working many hours per week on a variety of different elements as gymnasts have different ages, abilities and requirements. Equipping your hall with apparatus specially designed for training seems therefore a logical measure. The versatile training equipment offered by Janssen · Fritsen has been developed together with world-renowned coaches and is continuously being tested in the daily practice of training halls worldwide. Adaptations are being made frequently to improve every aspect of this equipment and to keep it the best range of training apparatus available. Belt Fifty-Fifty equipment Ref. 1760330 Somersault belt Ref. 1760320 (Ø 30 cm) Ref. 1760321 (Ø 38 cm) Screw Somersault belt Ref. 1760325 (Ø 30 cm) Ref. 1760326 (Ø 38 cm.


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