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The landing mats 'Ghent' are made of microtunnel PU and PE foam layers, covered by a densely tufted felt carpet. They are recognized for their stabilty and safety. Each mat is provided with an anti-slip bottom and Bisonyl sides. The JF-handy-grips provide the necessary aeration during landing and are also very practical and strong grips. The patented JF-handy-grips guarantee easy movability and lasting durability. The JF mats 'Ghent' were praised by coaches and athletes at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. JF-handy-grip core, foam layers landing mats FIG certified Technical data Interior made


OUD 1790750 - E This competition free exercise floor, with the revolutionary new Cross Flex System, X-FS, is FIG certified according to the FIG 2004 apparatus norms. The active sections, combined with 2 and 3 layer cross linked floor mats, provide the floors' excellent dynamic characteristics. The dynamic sections of the floor are used in a X pattern based on the exercises of the athletes. The result is optimal dynamics which are the same over the entire floor and a very considerable increase in the lifetime of the floor. The floor is 14x14 metres with a dynamic under construction with the