OUD 1790750 - E This competition free exercise floor, with the revolutionary new Cross Flex System, X-FS, is FIG certified according to the FIG 2004 apparatus norms. The active sections, combined with 2 and 3 layer cross linked floor mats, provide the floors' excellent dynamic characteristics. The dynamic sections of the floor are used in a X pattern based on the exercises of the athletes. The result is optimal dynamics which are the same over the entire floor and a very considerable increase in the lifetime of the floor. The floor is 14x14 metres with a dynamic under construction with the


DOUB LE-REBOUNDER Ref. 1403410 This training device is ideal for learning swing-ups on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. It can also be used for development of the back and stomach muscles. With four tubes that are height adjustable from 85 to 125 cm, with 5 cm increments. With 2 elastic bouncer cords with protection padding. Including rail.a.

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Fig dimenzion Width : stepless adjustable from 100 cm to 180 cm measured diagonally, with clear markings each 5 cm. High rail : height adjustable from 205 cm to 250 cm with 5 cm increments. Low rail : height adjustable from 135 cm to 180 cm with 5 cm increments. Rails : fibreglass core, birch laminated wood, with epoxy-coated cast alloy ends. Tension system : 6 steel cables, 6 steel 7 mm chains, 4 clamp rings, 6 tension swivels and D-shackles, fast tension releasers included. Uprights : heavy-duty epoxy-coated steel precision tube. Inner tubes : nickel-plated steel precision tube. Feet : heavy

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This Club Balance Beam has been developed at the request of many trainers. The base is identical to our well-known Club balance beam, with its easy height adjustment and feet that remain in the same position independent of the height of the beam, allowing the mats to remain in their safe place at all times. This beam has an added feature, the 'Soft Top'. The foam layer directly under the cover of the beam has been made softer but with the well-known stability of all Janssen-Fritsen beams. The impact on the gymnast's feet is thus reduced allowing her to repeat the same exercise more frequently

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Ref. 1490389 Height adjustable trainer console for use with uneven bars and horizontal bars, over a landing pit or in the training hall. The board of 120x50 cm is covered with anti-slip material. Because of nitrogen gas loaded springs, the platform automatically tips up when the gymnast or coach steps down to make room for the exercise. Height adjustable from 131 to 191 cm with 10 cm increments. The stairs can be installed on three sides of the console. The trainer console should be bolted to the floor..


Sportske tribine za stadione. Box sjedala Najnoviji razvoj stadiona sjedenje. Ova nova sjedala je instalirana na Emirati Stadionu u Londonu čist dizajn, udobnost i izdržljivost su ključne riječi za ovaj novi sjedala. Jedinstvo sjedala Ovaj čvrst stadiona sjedalo dolazi s istim. Jedinstveni dizajn i udobnost kao Albany. To može biti priključen izravno na beton.