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Competition Horizontal Bar 'Munich' Top Competition Horizontal Bar, FIG certified. The ultrasonically checked rail is made of a special high-tensile stainless steel, offering a maximum security and performance. Height adjustment from 270-310 cm with 5 increments. Secured by means of a dual cable tension system. To reduce the possibility of bar breakage, we strongly recommend to replace the rail every 3 years..


FOAM VAULTING TABLE Ref. 1407160 A foam block with the top shape of a regular vaulting table. 120x100 cm, height 125 cm. Velcro on the bottom to secure the vault on the runway. Including a 10 cm foam platform which can be placed underneath to increase the height to 135 cm. Ideal for methodical training in combination with our soft landing blocks..

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Top competition uneven bars, FIG certified. Secured by means of a dual cable system with slide lock for easy individual adjustment. Round rails with fibreglass core and laminated wood. Height adjustment of the high bar from 226 to 276 cm, low bar from 146 to 196 cm. Width adjustment without increments from 110 to 185 cm, measured diagonally with a clear mark on competition height. Integrated transport wheels..

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Competition Parallel bars 'Pallas' Top competition parallel bars, FIG certified. Frontal and side way stability and amplitude halftime of the rails are the main quality factors of a set of parallel bars. These 'Pallas' bars fully meet the requirements of gymnasts in this respect. These bars with their conic uprights and redesigned base are extremely stable. The clamp heads and nickel plated sliding tubes, make height and width adjustment very easy. The rails are fibreglass reinforced pressed multi-layer micro plywood, 350 cm long. Continuous width adjustment from 41 to 61 cm. Height adjustment