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Soft crash mat Ref. 1562009 This mat of 300 x 200 x 30 cm is a soft crash mat for training purposes, to be used on top of landing mats. Core 18 kg/m³ hi-tech foam, bottom anti-slip, top JF-Gym-Bisonyl red. This washable Gym-Bisonyl, which has been specially designed for Janssen-Fritsen landing mats, ensures safe landings. With 8 JF-handy-grips for regulated air outlet and easy transportation. As this mat is easily washable, it is ideal for intensive use..


Technical data: Available widths: 2.0 m, 2.4 m, 2.9 m Available lengths: 9.0 m, 12.0 m, 15.0 m. Other lengths available upon request. Height: 0.4 m The Air Tumbling Track is made of reinforced PVC in the attractive colour combination red, yellow and grey. The patented computer-controlled welding unit produces a smooth high-frequency seal, resulting in a flat rebound surface, unsurpassed by any other available airtrack. The strong material guarantees longevity, can be cleaned very easily and has a comfortable feel. The Air Tumbling Track is suited with an anti-slip base. Because an air track is

1565801 AASA Mattenset sprong naaldvilt blauw JF_corr

Set landing mats 'Ghent' vault Set top competition landing mats 'Ghent' for vault, FIG certified. Total surface 15 m2, consisting of: 3 mats 250x200x20 cm. By using various types of hi-tech foam, in combination with the patented JF-handy-grips, equal damping characteristics are ensured over the whole surface. The microtunnels in the foam in combination with the JF-handy-grips make it possible to have an optimum air outlet regulation. The result is a mat with a soft feel which fully meets the FIG landing mat regulations. The hull is made of reinforced PVC with an anti-slip base and covered with