Sportska gimnastika

1540155 Trainingsmat zacht FIG 600x200x10 cm blauw-JF_10242_6 METER_corr

Soft mats Ref. 1540126 / Ref. 1540120 Prescribed for competition and a must in training. Additional soft landing mats, covered with skin-friendly washable synthetic Gym-Bisonyl. Use of the soft mats in combination with the Competition landing mats reduces peak forces without having a negative effect on stability and offers increased safety. The risk of injuries is minimised especially during repetitive training exercises. Approved and strongly recommended during competitions. Soft competition mats are used on top of standard landing mats..


Minitrampoline open-end Ref. 1411010 No metal frame at the front and the back for increased safety. The frame is height adjustable and totally collapsible. Complete with safety padding covering the frame and springs. Size of bed 60 x 70 cm. Overall dimensions 120 x 120 cm. Weight approx. 40 kg..

1414204 1414200 AASA evenwichtsbalk lausanne-transparant_corr

Balance beam 'Lausanne' Top competition balance beam, FIG certified when used with safety padding 1566000. Length 500 cm. Beam covered with elastic padding and hygroscopic material with end caps, provided with a shock absorption system to prevent injuries. Height adjustable from 65 to 125 cm, with 5 cm increments. Legs are included. Transport trolleys can be ordered separately..

1411774-JF 1411315_20228

Top competition springboard, FIG certified, according to the new FIG 2004 apparatus norms as a hard board. With a triple spring system for increased dynamics. The top is covered with a shock absorbing padding covered with felt. Provided with a clearly visible centerspot for correct take-off. Floor protectors are standard. This springboard enjoys an excellent reputation and is used during most national and international competitions. For many World Championships and even for the Olympic Games this springboard was selected by top gymnasts for its sophisticated spring characteristics. Size 120x60


This new competition springboard is FIG certified, according to the new FIG 2004 apparatus norms as a hard board. The Whisper Spring System (WSS) gives this board a unique low noise. This highly innovative model was one of the boards available for the gymnasts at the Olympics 2004 in Athens, Greece. The exact setting of the pyramid shaped hardened chrome silicon steel springs allows for frontal and backward vaults with an exactly refined rebound on each place of the surface of this board. The carbon fibre hybrid sandwich top of the board has a very low mass making the board very fast, in combi